I'll try to update this daily, i'll talk about whatever i have in my mind or about site updates


So i think i may have fixed the ghost infestation! hurray! not much going on i'll try to give the website a make over soon since i haven't done much about it, so if you were wondering why i wasn't posting yesteday, basically nothing happend so sorry about that


Hey guys! so today i worked to fix the ghost problem by writing a cease and desist letter, if you really want to, you read it HERE

! i'll update this in the case of something happening


SOOOO today i made one of those silly images that you see on other websites that you can click to snoop around to OTHER cool websites, here it is

i also named the funny little cats underneath my logo, white is tony and orange is yahtzee, i've actually started work on the website redesign which i'm excited about i'll have a section dedicated to linking other websites which i think are cool